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Take the lead in safety for urban rail 

Discover the benefits of our ADAS for your tram or LRV operations

Our Advance Driving Assistance System (ADAS) captures all objects and movements over 180°. Using machine learning, software detects, predicts, and notifies any potential danger to the driver.

Never distracted, always alert

Step into a safe future

Our sensor suite at the front of the tram allows give your drivers a reliable co-pilot which will come especially handy on a packed pedestrian street. 
Our units can be discreetly attached at the front of any tram and train. Further integration within the rail vehicle itself is also possible and recommended for our active braking option.
We take data privacy and security very seriously. Therefore, our ADAS system only runs locally on the rail vehicle to avoid any data security breach.

The common belief that rail transport is the safest type of transport is more ambiguous in cities. According to the German Federal Statistical Office, 3 to 4 accidents a day happen on the German tram network alone on average. Due to its size, a tram is rarely dangerous for the users or the staff but for it can be for other road users and pedestrians. As latest data shows, all deaths and 80% of those seriously injured involved other street users. Choosing ADAS is not only about a safer journey but more importantly ensuring that the tram is still welcomed in the city of tomorrow.


Object Detection

Underlying algorithms enable us to detect and segment all types of objects

Trajectory planning

We are able to detect the switches and what track will be taken by the vehicle

Traffic lights detection

Ability to detect all types of traffic lights to be able to smoothly navigate traffic


Alert to Driver

Drivers receive visual and audio alerts before an incident occurs


Industry grade

Designed to whistand vibrations and shocks while operating in all-weather conditions

Collision avoidance

Our suite of sensors enables us to prevent accidents and collisions before it occur

Other solutions

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Full Self-Driving

OTIV.THREE enables your railway vehicles to operate fully autonomously. No shunters, nor drivers are needed on the train, it will reduce your costs by removing the drivers and increase efficiency on your industrial sites while keeping it safe.