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Our Assistance System for Industrial shunting

Meet OTIV.ONE, our cutting-edge assistance system for train shunting operations to make rail safer, more cost efficient and more reliable

Engineered for safety

Our sensor suite allows you to improve safety by removing operators from dangerous positions while keeping a clear overview of your pushed convoy during shunting operations.  


Our units can be attached on any wagon at the front. Using magnets, our sensor suite is instinctively attachable and easily removable.


By transmitting via 4G/5G and constantly monitoring potential latency, it enables us to provide a reliable, secure and real-time perception of the environment at the front of the train. 

Shunter standing at the front of a chemical rail car
Rail worker watching OTIV assistance system for shunting

Upgrade your pushed railway operations

Developed with leading actors of the industry, OTIV.ONE is specifically designed for pushed shunting movements. By placing a sensor suite capturing a 200° view on the upfront wagon, a reliable live video feed is transmitted to the driver or another agent on your site.

OTIV.ONE is the solution you need to make your first & last mile operations safer, more efficient and more reliable. 

Technology advantage

Shunting operation with a rail worker

A safer shunt

Our retrofitted sensor suite eliminates the need for workers to stand in hazardous locations at the front of pushed convoys, allowing them to move to a safer zone.

pushed shunting at a steel plant

A better allocated workforce


OTIV.ONE allows you to deploy your workers where they are most needed. Rail is facing a serious driver shortage, we can help you better allocate your workforce. 

Switching yard

A faster rail 

We increase speed and decrease delays by making first and last mile operations more efficient.  OTIV.ONE has been built for that purpose. 


We're bringing rail into the 21st century

Freight locomotive


Shunter with a walkie talkie standing at the front of a pushed rail convoy

Effortless to carry around place/displace with its magnets, small dimensions and lightweight device

4G/5G compatible

Compatible with 4G and ready for the 5G technology of the future. 

No latency

Real-time video transmission, no matter the curve or convoy length.

Swappable battery

Batteries designed to last over a full shift, in all-weather conditions and easily swappable.

Industry grade

High performance in all-weather conditions, withstands vibrations and shocks.

200°+ view

Avoid accidents and prevent them by improving the understanding of your environment.

Working together with the best 

Together with our partners, we change the future of first & last mile operations in rail.

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