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Our Advanced Driver Assistance System


Our Advanced Driver Assistance System

Meet OTIV.TWO our Advanced Driver Assistance System to help drivers navigate in complex environments such as cities

Engineered for safety

Our sensor suite has been developed and engineered to meet the highest safety standards. We made it retrofitted, easy to use and fully aware of its environment. 

Drivers always have the control of their vehicles, nevertheless, OTIV.TWO  is the perfect ally to help them navigate complex environments such as cities. 

We constantly detect and prevent dangers corner after corner, crossing after crossing and mile after mile. 

Grey tramway in Jerusalem
Tramway in Amsterdam central

Upgrade your public transports

Our retrofitted sensor suite enables you to upgrade your existing fleet of vehicles and therefore decrease accidents and make cities safer.  

Reducing incidents is a key element to make public networks more resilient, avoid network disruptions, cut incident costs and save lives. The topography of the cities does not always allow you to build safety infrastructure, installing our retrofitted sensor suite can be a cost-effective solution to improve safety without relying on physical infrastructure.


By leveraging the latest technology in sensors and analytics, our technology can detect potential accidents and hazards before they occur, allowing drivers to take proactive measures and prevent them. 

Orange streetcar in Budapest

Technology advantage

Sensors on a tramway

A more reliable network

By avoiding incidents, we reduce network disruption and make public transport more reliable and more efficient. 

Busy street with a tram

A safer city 


We detect and prevent danger by constantly perceiving the environment around the vehicle. Our OTIV.TWO is always alert, never distracted, it is the perfect assistance system for your drivers. 

OTIV team installing an ADAS on a tramway

A retrofitted sensor suite

Rail vehicles last for decades, leveraging new technologies to improve safety cannot wait. This is the reason, we have developed our retrofitted OTIV.TWO sensor suite, which can be adapted to any type of rail vehicle.



We're making cities safer and more sustainable

Tramway in Barcelona


Sensors and ranges for OTIV Advances Driver Assistance System

Upgrade your existing vehicles with our sensor suite which can be adapted to any vehicle.

Variety of sensors

Combining LiDARs, cameras and other sensors enable us to stay always alert, never distracted.

Industry grade

High performance in all-weather conditions, withstands vibrations and shocks. 

360° view

Prevent incidents by perceiving your surroundings, including your blind spots.

Up to 150m

Detect obstacles and dangers up to 150m giving your vehicle the time to safely brake.

Driver notification

Warn your drivers when a potential danger appears thanks to our audio-visual notification. 

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