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rail tracks to the horizon


OTIV aims to improve safety and efficiency in a wide variety of rail applications, discover how we help our customers to leverage assistance and autonomous systems


Shunting yards, depots and multiple sidings are dangerous environments for workers. Keeping this complex sites safe is a daily challenge that needs to be tackled. 


Discover how we can improve safety and decrease the operations costs with our cutting-edge assistance and autonomous solutions.

switching and shunting yard
industrial sites with on-site rail operations


Ports and industrial production facilities are complex environments with unguarded crossings, site workers and a wide variety of vehicles. This complexity is a huge safety challenge. 


Discover how OTIV increases safety and decreases operational cost of your industrial sites.


Trams and Light Rail Vehicles navigate in complex urban environments sharing the road with other vehicles, and are often in direct contact with cyclists and pedestrians.


Discover how OTIV helps make our cities safer while reducing delays and downtime from accidents.

trams and light rail vehicles in city
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