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Use AI to increase safety of your urban rail system 

Increase safety, cost efficiency and availability of your system by bringing in systems 

Trams and LRVs navigate in complex urban environments sharing the road with other vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. OTIV specifically designed a solution to tackle safety issues in these complex environments


Our technology aims to improve safety in city and urban environments by preventing accidents. With our Advanced Driver Assistance System , we help drivers to detect objects and potential collisions hundred meters ahead of the vehicle. Our ADAS is the safest solution for your passengers on your existing rolling stocks. 


Our solution enables to drastically reduce the amount of accidents and collision, so that we cut your costs of maintenance and repairs. It also keeps your passenger and workers safe and healthy.


We aims to improve efficiency in urban rail operations with our cutting-edge technology. Drivers can quickly and easily use our solution, enabling them to gain time and efficiency during their journey. 

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Our solutions

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Full Self-Driving

OTIV.THREE enables your railway vehicles to operate fully autonomously. No drivers are needed on the trams or light rail vehicles, it will reduce your costs by removing the drivers and increase the efficiency of your operations while keeping it safe. 

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