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Traffic congestion

Why we need a modal shift

Transportation is a major emitter of CO2. In  Europe alone it is responsible for 30% of EU's total carbon emissions. 1/3 of these emissions come from freight, which is expected to grow an additional 30% by 2030.

Being a heavy emitter isn't the only problem. Road transport is a major factor in traffic congestion and air pollution. Below we compare these metrics with rail, showcasing quickly why it should always be the de facto choice for long-distance transportation.

9x less CO₂ emissions

8x less air pollution

6x less energy usage

Towards autonomous rail

Assisted and autonomous solutions for rail are a key lever in facilitating the modal shift from road to rail. Providing drivers with more assistance and moving towards remote control and even fully autonomous rail operations. 

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Lukas De Groote - Operations Manager OTIV

"Working at OTIV is great because I get to work with smart and motivated colleagues. I enjoy implementing products which make our customer's operations safer and more efficient. Together with the client and our engineers, I make sure our product evolves to keep solving our customers needs ."

Lukas De Groote

Operations manager

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