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OTIV worker on a muti-modal rail shunting yard


We lead the autonomous
revolution in rail

With OTIV, we are on a mission to increase safety and efficiency of railway operations by teaching rail vehicles to drive autonomously. By making trains more efficient and safer, we actively contribute to a modal shift and a greener future.


We bring this vision to life by a unique focus on the most challenging environments such as cities, shunting yards and industrial sites. Thanks to high-profile partners and world-leading clients such as Deutsche Bahn, SNCF Group, ArcelorMittal and CAF we deliver the future of railway operations today. 

different use cases of rail


Assisted and autonomous solutions for rail are a key lever in realizing the required modal shift from road to rail and in achieving the EU Commission’s Green Deal goal of reducing CO2 emissions in transportation. Upgrading rail for both passengers and freight is crucial in shifting large amounts of car, truck and airplane traffic to green, rail-based transportation. One freight train replaces up to 50 trucks on the road, effectively transporting the same amount of cargo at 9 times less CO2 emissions. For passenger transport, rail consumes up to 12 times less energy and emits up to 11 times less CO2 per passenger kilometer compared to cars.


Assisted and autonomous solutions play an essential role in this modal shift. That is why OTIV is leading the autonomous revolution in rail by bringing its AI-based intelligent driver assistance and, in a second stage, autonomous driving solutions to public and private railway operators. These systems increase the cost efficiency of rail, solve the challenge of driver shortages and boost network capacity – All of this while advancing the overall safety of the network.

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Meet our founders

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Sam De Smet
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Niels Van Damme
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profile picture of Floris Nilting
Floris Nilting
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Head of Innovation Program - NS

Profile of Joost Vanhecke
Joost Vanhecke
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CFO - Teamleader

Profile of Guy Lucq
Guy Lucq
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CIO/CISO EMEA - Deloitte

Profile of Boris Bogaert
Boris Bogaert
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Investor - Pitchdrive


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CAF tram at a stop in Zaragoza, Spain
‘Rail is the perfect use case for assistance and autonomous technology’

CAF and OTIV launched a joint project in July to test advanced driver assistance features for trams. For OTIV, a Belgian provider of autonomous technology for rail, the cooperation marks the next development step towards the commercial rollout of advanced driver assistance, company founders Niels Van Damme and Sam De Smet tell

SNCF to partner with OTIV for first and last-mile operations

SNCF has signed a pilot agreement with OTIV, the Belgium-based leader in assistance and autonomous systems for rail. OTIV will support SNCF to increase safety and efficiency during shunting operations

Euro Cargo Rail wagon France
Blog post OTIV on Medium
Mastering Complexity: OTIV and the Autonomous Revolution in Rail

Today, virtually everything we do relies on transportation. Our modern day ability to move goods and people across the world has spurred, among other things, economic development and social progress, and is as such a major driver for human development overall. However, mobility and transportation as we know it is facing a number of challenges. Two of those challenges are particularly pressing: the undeniable impact of transportation on our planet, and the clogging of our networks as they’re currently set up.

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