Remote Supervision and Control Center

Managing a rail fleet poses significant operational challenges. OTIV.THREE Remote Supervision and Control Center helps increase productivity, provides a better work environment for drivers and helps optimize operational flows.

OTIV.THREE - Remote Supervision and Control center
OTIV proprietary Supervision desk

Manage your fleet from anywhere in the world

OTIV.THREE Supervision and Control remote operation center allows you to manage your rail vehicles from anywhere in the world in real-time with an industrial grade 4G/5G connection.

With this increased level of flexibility you are able to provide a better work environment and increase productivity. You'll reduce one-legged trips and allow for multiple rail vehicles to be handled by one person.

Improve preparation and maintenance of trains

Start remote preparation of rail vehicles. Put it in ready mode, Start heating of the train and execute all mandatory tests to start driving. Afterwards you can remotely guide the rail vehicle to its starting location and even turn it around in places a driver can't get out.

OTIV proprietary Control desk

We work with the leading rail operators and OEM's in Europe

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Remote Supervision and Control Center

We can supply you with a generic remote Supervision and Control Center, or create one adapted to your needs for specific trains and tracks.

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Collision avoidance

We create a comprehensive and proactive approach to safety, minimizing the risk of collisions through real-time detection, intelligent decision-making, and effective control mechanisms.

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Audiovisual warning

We use a combination of audio and visual signals to alert train drivers of specific events or potential dangers. The various warnings can be adapted to fit your way of working

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4G/5G connectivity

Our camera system connects through industrial wireless 4G/5G link. Our setup allows for connectivity in the harshest environments. When starting operations we perform a connectivity test to make sure you never lose visibility.

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Encrypted data

All camera data send by the unit to the tablet is encrypted on multiple levels. We use a private APN and apply AES-256 encryption.

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Speed monitoring (optional)

We'll detect overspeed and avoid potential derailments in corners and specific areas.

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Signaling (optional)

Automatically detect and interpret traffic signals and send corresponding notifications to the driver.

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Active braking (optional)

Our active breaking system leverages various inputs to take corrective action if necessary. We enhance overall safety by reducing the severity of collisions or avoiding them altogether.

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OTIV really made my job a lot safer so I can work a lot quicker and I have to worry less about having an accident



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