Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

Driving a light rail vehicle (LRV) means navigating open, closed and highly complex environments. OTIV.TWO ADAS provides intelligent forward collision warning (FCW) to help prevent accidents and reduce delays, and can be extended to perform active braking.

OTIV.TWO - Advanced Driver Assistance System
OTIV works with De Lijn on safer trams

Detect everything with an extra set of eyes

We use a combination of cameras and LiDAR to map the entire environment in front of the tram. Our sensor suite is engineered to meet the highest safety and industry standards. It can be retrofitted to upgrade existing fleet, or installed in newly built rail vehicles. 

An active co-pilot which helps drivers make better decisions

Using a combination of our sensors and object recognition, we perform continuous and real-time scanning of the environment to calculate the optimal reaction, based on variable parameters. We can give different levels of audiovisual warnings, or even perform automatic braking.

We work with the leading tram operators and OEM's in Europe

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Collision avoidance

We create a comprehensive and proactive approach to safety, minimizing the risk of collisions through real-time detection, intelligent decision-making, and effective control mechanisms.

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Audiovisual warning

We use a combination of audio and visual signals to alert tram drivers of specific events or potential dangers. The various warnings can be adapted to fit your way of working

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Modular configuration

Our system is modular and our basic setup meets VDV 191 specifications. We can easily adapt and extend our product to match specific requirements your fleet has.

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Active braking (optional)

Our active breaking system leverages various inputs to take corrective action if necessary. We enhance overall safety by reducing the severity of collisions or avoiding them altogether.

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Signaling (optional)

Automatically detect and interpret tram signaling or car traffic lights, and send corresponding notifications to the driver.

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Speed monitoring (optional)

Detect overspeed and avoid potential derailments.

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Optimize energy usage (optional)

Calculate optimal cruising speed and energy required to reach the next stop.

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Custom module (optional)

Do you have a specific use case for our OTIV.TWO perception system? We can collaborate in development of new features specialized to your use cases

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OTIV really made my job a lot safer so I can work a lot quicker and I have to worry less about having an accident