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Discover our technology for assisted, remote and autonomous driving in rail. We empower industrial companies, railway undertakings, infrastructure managers and OEM's to increase safety and efficiency of rail vehicles.

Discover OTIV - Assistance and autonomous technology for rail

We work with leading rail operators and OEM's

A train is the most sustainable form of transport.

The need for investing in rail

Rail is the most sustainable way to transport goods and people. It emits 9 times less COemissions, 8 times less air pollution and uses 6 times less energy than road transport. A train also replaces up to 40 trucks, one of the only real solutions to alleviating road congestion.

This means we need to invest in rail as the primary method of long-distance shipping. Leveraging OTIV's assistive and autonomous technology will improve cost-efficiency and help solidify rail's position as the cornerstone of sustainable mobility.

Improving rail's cost-efficiency

To make it more appealing to transport people and goods by rail, we need to improve cost-efficiency of current rail operations. OTIV helps achieve that with the following outcomes:

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Improve safety of rail employees, passengers, and road users

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Reduce incident and maintenance costs

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Maximize capacity or optimize use of energy

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Better allocate rail employees and improve working conditions

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Increase availability of existing fleet

OTIV helps you take every step from assistance to fully self-driving operations

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Camera system for shunting

Shunting is the backbone of rail operations, yet it is dangerous, inefficient and requires heavy manual labor. OTIV.ONE camera system improves visibility, boosting worker safety and efficiency.

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Advanced Driver Assistance System

Driving a rail vehicle means navigating highly complex environments. OTIV.TWO perception system provides an extra set of eyes to help prevent accidents and reduce delays.

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Remote Supervision & Control Center

Managing a rail fleet poses significant operational challenges. OTIV.THREE increases productivity, provides a better working environment for drivers and helps optimize operational flows.

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Full self-driving technology

Take the final step in optimizing your rail operations by going fully autonomous. OTIV.FOUR perception system guarantees safety, increases efficiency, and unlocks the potential for 24/7 operations.

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OTIV enhances efficiency and safety through cutting-edge ADAS and autonomous systems. Accelerating the Modal Shift to rail for a more sustainable future.


CEO ArcelorMittal

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In a pilot project with De Lijn, OTIV and CAF, smart driver assistance systems are being tested on the Coastal Tram.

RET, OTIV and Mobility42 pilot OTIV.TWO on 'De Slimme Tram' in Rotterdam to validate collision avoidance software

OTIV hosts UgentRacing for an evening on 'Technical challenges in autonomous driving'