March 25, 2024

RET, OTIV and Mobility42 pilot ADAS on 'De Slimme Tram'

The Belgian startup OTIV and the Rotterdam tram operator RET, have partnered to pilot the OTIV.TWO Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) for trams in the heart of Rotterdam. During the pilot they will jointly validate intelligent collision avoidance technologies in commercial operation. The operational trials are coördinated by Mobility42.


OTIV.TWO Advanced Driver Assistance System for trams is a powerful combination of sensors and advanced AI algorithms, designed to render a comprehensive perception of the tram's surroundings. The system detects, classifies and predicts the future movements of objects like cars and pedestrians several times per second. In case of a potential danger, the system triggers warnings and actions in order to avoid a potential collision. By doing so, the system supports tram drivers in navigating complex urban environments, which are shared with many other road users. “RET and OTIV share a common goal of ensuring safe and efficient operation of trams throughout the city. OTIV.TWO ADAS can contribute greatly in that regard, by supporting the drivers in avoiding accidents on a daily basis.” - Niels Van Damme, Co-Founder & CTO OTIV

Developed from the ground up for urban rail vehicles in mind, OTIV.TWO stands out as a modular system that is flexible to respond to the different requirements of tram operators around the world.

De Slimme Tram cruising safely through the center of Rotterdam

RET 'De Slimme tram'

The system is implemented on RET’s Slimme Tram. Even though it serves as an operational tram, it's also a dynamic platform dedicated to the testing and validation of the newest innovations in the world of urban rail. It hosts an array of IoT projects, underscoring RET's commitment to leveraging innovations to improve safety, efficiency and passenger convenience. "RET stands as a cornerstone in Rotterdam's mobility ecosystem. Embracing innovation is key to bolstering safety and efficiency, and we are always keen on forging collaborations with forward-thinking innovators. Projects on the Slimme Tram concretize our vision on this and underpin our drive for innovation." - Daphne Blaauw, Asset Manager Rolling Stock RET. Through this program, RET is committed to its mission to amplify safety measures and elevate the overall tram experience for its passengers.

Rail as an optimal use case for assistance systems

The operational trials of OTIV's cutting-edge assistance system are coordinated by Mobility42. "We strongly believe in the innovations that startups like OTIV are bringing into the railway sector. While automotive often takes the limelight for technological improvements, rail presents an optimal use case for driver assistance and automation. We believe the future of urban rail is supported by sensors and intelligent algorithms." - Jeroen Lebouille from Mobility42.

Interested in learning more about how to increase safety on urban lines? can find more information about OTIV.TWO here, or you can contact us directly to discuss possible applications in your rail operations.