Camera system for shunting

Shunting serves as the backbone of rail operations, yet it is dangerous, inefficient and demands heavy manual labor. OTIV.ONE camera system improves visibility,  worker safety and efficiency.

OTIV.ONE - Assistance System for Shunting
OTIV.ONE on a wagon

Improve visibility on either end of the convoy

Guarantee the safety of your employees and increase efficiency with complete visibility during shunting. OTIV.ONE can easily be transported and installed on all types of rail vehicles. Whether you are pushing or pulling wagons, you can quickly setup the camera unit on either end of the convoy.

Give drivers a real-time feed of their surroundings

OTIV.ONE provides more visibility in all types of weather conditions. It can easily be adapted to 1, 2 or 3-man operations and works with or without remote control. The unit comes outfitted with a day-and-night vision mode, allowing you to operate in low-light environments. Unlike walkie-talkies, you'll also never lose connection with our 4G/5G connection.

OTIV.ONE camera output in a locomotive 2

Get support during every step of the process

Our product works complementary to your drivers. Their experience in combination with more visibility will ensure smooth and safe operations, with the added benefit that they can perform more tasks from the comfort of the locomotive. When working with OTIV we provide you with support during every step of the process, from installation to maintenance, training and feedback.

We work with leading industrial companies and rail operators in Europe

Camera icon

Complete field of vision

The camera unit consists of three separate camera's providing a 200° field of vision. The first camera is fixed straight in a zoomed mode, allowing you to detect objects from far away. The two other camera's give you a wide and low view making it easy to spot below-vision dangers like trackside workers.

Icon connectivity

Industrial 4G/5G

Our camera system connects with the tablet through industrial wireless 4G/5G link. Our setup allows for connectivity in the harshest environments. When starting operations we perform a connectivity test to make sure you never lose visibility.

Industrial grade icon

Industrial grade casing

The unit is comprised in an industrial grade casing, outfitted for the harsh environments of production sites. It is also IP64 water-resistant and works in temperatures from  -25° C up to 45° C.

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Our unit weighs less than 4 kilos, making it easy to carry around. The device is fitted with magnets which allows for a quick setup on flat surfaces or against metal plating. 

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Guarantee visibility

Batteries on the camera unit can easily be swapped and we'll provide you with multiple ones. This means you can guarantee visibility even when running triple shifts, seven days a week.

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Encrypted data storage

All video footage is stored on SSD's up to 5 days. When incidents happen you have all the necessary information available to compile a comprehensive incident report. The data  is encrypted during transmission as well as on the SSD itself.

Picture Geoffrey

OTIV really made my job a lot safer so I can work a lot quicker and I have to worry less about having an accident